No Notification for removed post?

Continuing the discussion from Did my tutorial get deleted:

Shouldn’t the OP receive a notification when their post is removed or updated by an admin?

I don’t know about a Notification ala a “bubble”, If you go to your Profile page there should be an “Edits” that shows posts that have been edited. But except for Mods I don’t think there is any way to see Deleted posts.

So sounds like it’s WAD… As a user, I’d certainly like to be informed (without having to go “look it up”) that someone has changed or ESPECIALLY removed a post I made - without some kind of notification, you could be pointing links to a missing thread, or referring to information that a moderator changed…

In this particular case, the responsibility was on me as a mod to message the OP there and explain. I assumed it was abandoned cause it has been broken for months.

Notifying would not have really served any purpose here.

Deleting content is a violent act, if you notified users each time you commit violence towards them there can be bad implications. Eg: “I just beat you up”

Sending a PM can certainly add to Mod workload.

Except for blatant SPAM that gets Deleted, we have taken to using Unlisted a lot.
Not exactly “Private” as there still are “direct links” in places, but it seems to be working fairly well for us.

unlisted is fine, but in this case I needed to nuke the information as it was bad data to have out there.

There was a long discussion on this topic not long ago if you want more background on why things are the way they are.

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