No 'system' user. Is this bad?

I am having trouble with importing like this case (Trouble creating category in import script)
I noticed that the user table does not have a record for a ‘system’ user with id -1. Does this user need to exist in the db? I had dropped the database and did a ‘rake db:migrate’.
‘git log’ tells me that I am using (right? I am new to git):

commit 25683124752a504007d5bf1673ac9dcb615c7041
Author: Guo Xiang Tan <>
Date:   Wed Sep 27 11:55:06 2017 +0800

    FIX: Use exact patht to ensure we always redirect with the right format.

You will need the “system” user and I’m almost 100% certain that its id will need to be -1

Sorry that I don’t have a clue as to what happened or how to fix it, but I would prepare yourself to start over again.