No Undo/Redo buttons & if Ctrl+Z/Y is used, while Undo/Redo works, the mouse pointer doesn't go to the focus, the position stays static

if my draft is 170+ pages long and if i made some changes like adding some New text in page 80 and reach page 170 and write 10 New Characters at the end of Page 170 and use Ctrl+Z, the 10 new characters are Removed, if i press Ctrl+Z is removed, the changes added in Page 80 is also removed but the problem is that the Text Creator doesn’t Auto scroll to the page 80 while the text is removed from Page 80 Like Google Docs… The Mouse Pointer Continues to Stay blinking at the page 180 where the 10 characters are Added/Removed.

I can make a video of this behavior if wanted showcasing the behavior of discourse and Expected behavior from Google Docs.

This is all going to be classic TEXTAREA behavior, can you try in a standalone TEXTAREA?

Google Docs uses a custom Content Editable composer and implements the entire stack of undo/redo so they have flexibility to do things that browsers do not, out of the box.

We are experimenting in the area of introducing a richer composer but we are years out.

Hi, Thanks for your Response
I will Provide a detailed response within Friday to help you understand why i asked this

Currently i use Google Docs for creating texts, But if there is one thing which would be Awesome is that If Ctrl+A is used in Google Docs which has text and images and Ctrl + C and while i paste on Discourse draft page, discourse only pastes the text, it would be great if images are also copied/processed/uploaded to Discourse Servers aswell.