No way to get period stats?

(Connor Sleight) #1

So I’ve developed a bot for a slack channel and I connected it to our discourse api mainly for posting posts. In our discourse we do a leaderboard type thing based on likes received per x amount of time.

Using NativeScript Community Forum and NativeScript Community Forum we can see the stats on the webpage, isnt there any api which can do this? I cant seem to see anything or have i just glanced over it every time?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

See How to reverse engineer the Discourse API

(Connor Sleight) #3

I tried that but could never see the call, i think i have found it now though, thanks

(Connor Sleight) #4

however, reverse engineering the api yields no results, what i get back is empty

(Connor Sleight) #5

I have tried;order=likes_received as well as<apiKey>&api_username=mast3rd3mon and<apiKey> but all return no data

(Connor Sleight) #6

I can see the call in dev tools but the url it says is called is just the webpage, not the api for the data, can anyone please advise?

(Connor Sleight) #7

is there no way to get the period stats like the webpage can get? i cant seem to find anything that populates the data