Non-Global Filtered Word List

You’re able to filter out words, whether they be naughty or not- this feature is great. However, this blacklist is forum-wide, and I’d like the option to have a non-global filtered word list. With that, let me list out some use-cases:

  1. A restricted, private category has more lax swearing rules
  2. A public category has tight swearing rules
  3. Words that aren’t necessarily swear words that are censored only in specific areas- in particular, [ROBLOXCRITICAL] is a tag that used to be put in critical bug reports- alerting all staff with notifications- but shouldn’t be triggered when talking about the tag, say, in a meta category. It’s now been censored entirely for abuse- but the meta category should still be able to post the phrase.

I partially agree with this however you can edit and suit what fits your community, it would be useless for this to be introduced publicly instead you can go to #marketplace and hire someone to do that as a plugin.

  • Looking at this from another view; yes, this would be very useful for many reasons restricting certain trust levels to certain things and trusting higher trust levels.