"none" named tag automatically set when trying to create a new topic from a "no tags" topic list page

I’m not sure if this is a bug or a UX issue. It puzzled me on my forum, and I can reproduce it on try.discourse.org.

What happens is that if you select “no tags” in the tag selector on a topic list, and then you try to create a new topic, the tag field in the composer is automatically pre-filled with a tag named “none”. Even if you’re an administrator, it also prevents posting the topic because of a “Tag is Invalid” error message.


Video example:


I can replicate this. :+1: (if it’s needed :slightly_smiling_face:)

  • Select no tags from the Latest page dropdown
  • Create ‘new topic’
  • Topic is pre-populated with an invalid none tag
  • Topic cannot be published until invalid none tag is manually removed

:+1: indeed good catch, thanks. That should fix it (expect merge next week):


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