"None" tag is uneditable

Somehow my users have created the tag “none”.


The problem is, the name for this tag is the same as the URL for the URL for no tags.

So I can’t actually remove or rename it, because clicking the tag takes me to the filter for no tags

This one’s a pointless tag anyway, so should be disallowed as a created tag.

Also, how the heck do I remove this one?


That’s unexpected, I’m surprised we haven’t seen reports of this before. We certainly shouldn’t allow creation of none tags as you’re correct, none is used for the special case of topics without a single tag. cc @neil

In your specific case (a hosted customer) we can remove the tag for you. Would you like us to do so?


That would be spectacular. There’s no need to have the tag (because it literally means no tag which is redundant) and is only on a few posts anyway.


Alright, I’ve fixed the issue specific to your site. Will keep this open to fix the underlying issue.


Fixed via:

Thanks for reporting this issue @Heather_Dudley. :+1:

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