Not able to create a permalink with forums/* address

I’m trying to create a Permalink with forums/general-discussion url pointing to a Category.

Then I try to access it - it gives me an error:

AbstractController::ActionNotFound at /forums/general-discussion
The action 'show' could not be found for ForumsController

The problem is with routers:

Discourse::Application.routes.draw do
  resources :forums

it processes all /forums/* requests.

I made a pull request here

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A permalink shouldn’t accept the “/” character because that’s invalid for a location, because its a delimiter.

One permalink as “general-discussion” should work.

Are you in a subfolder install?

Thank you for your answer,

I’m using Permalink as redirects from the forum we are migrating from.

And we have to redirect from into

Currently I’m on local development install http://localhost:3000/.

The issue has been solved, but still, can you explain why a permalink shouldn’t accept the “/” character?
Am I using it not on purpose? Thanks.

Actually a permalink with a/b/c works, and one with c/xyz also works. Gotta do some digging on this later.

Do not worry about it, it’s solved already