Not able to modify/customize a download theme component after update

Just upgrade my Discourse and found out I cannot modify a download component any more, I’m on 2.7.0.beta1. Not sure if it’s an expected behavior.

Just use Xmas hats component as example, I saw this issue on multiple components, in the meanwhile I can still edit local-created theme component.

It’a a feature: Restrict editing of remote themes


I see. Thank you for the information. I guess I missed some keywords when searching for similar topics. I really didn’t think about this is a feature.

IMHO it’s user’s choose to keep remote theme updated with Discourse or not. Hence user is the one takes the risk and responsibility to maintain them.

Also being able to make in-place modification is really convenient.

Until something changes that impacts your theme component and you cannot update it because it would mean you would lose your modifications. Theme components can be stacked so you can (and should) put modifications in a separate component.

Sometimes it’s better to put away the sharp knives, since warnings don’t always work.