Not getting iOS PWA push notifications

Push notifications on the PWA app for me have been broken for a long time now.

When I first enabled them on 16.1, it worked, but shortly after the 16.2 RC (from what i remember correctly, could have been sooner), they stopped working for me.

I have it set to enabled in Meta’s settings and iOS, but they are still not coming through.

I am currently on the 17 beta, but this is not an issue with the betas, nor iOS 17. On every RC build since 16.1, it has not worked.

The only possible thing I could see is that I have an apple watch? Even when I am using my phone, it doesn’t come up as a banner and I do not see it on the lock screen either. I don’t have a Mac or anything else which can pick up my notifications.

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They work for me, and I’m on the 17 beta as well. Can you try removing the PWA and adding it again?

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I have re-enabled them. Can you mention me to test them?

I’m here @darkpixlz

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Yep, it came through. I’ll move to support, and if the issue comes back, I’ll use this topic.

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