Not obvious that you need to scroll down during signup

I received some very valid feedback today from a user. I’m not sure if there’s already a good way of dealing with this issue or not. If not, I’d say it’s something worth thinking about how to improve.

The user completed the signup form as seen here:

But after all visible fields were completed, it wasn’t immediately clear that the user would have to scroll down to find the final required field/checkbox:

Sure, there’s some slight fading of the content, but that’s not very obvious for most people.

I’m not sure what the best approach would be to improve this—perhaps a visual hint that scrolling is needed? Or simply expanding the signup modal so all fields are visible?

And is there something I can do immediately that would improve the signup flow for my users?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! :slight_smile:

EDIT: This seems related to @sam’s post a couple years ago: You have not completed all user fields UX on signup should be improved

It really depends on the operating system; on some OSes the scrollbars are super minimized, specifically OSX.

I do agree with the underlying complaint, but you have to understand that it’s contextual to the browser and OS as well.

You can make a minor CSS adjustment to allow the modal to get taller on desktop devices, this should do it:

.d-modal.create-account .login-form form {
  max-height: 70vh

At the moment our default max-height is more restrictive, I can probably allow it to get a little taller by default… but there’s always going to be a point where the scroll cut-off isn’t obvious for someone with X number custom fields added. I really hate that macOS does this hidden scrollbar behavior.


Thanks @awesomerobot, I’ll give that a try! (I assume you meant max-height: 70vh; which seems to work perfectly!)

And I do appreciate that this primarily an issue on MacOS, @codinghorror. However, 1/3 of my desktop users are on MacOS, so it’s not an insignificant part of my audience.

Thanks again both of you!

Oops, yes exactly! Fixed it above.