Noticing a strange pattern. How high are profile views on your community?

The one with the issue:
Hosted with Discourse official hosting so always up to date. (1.7.0 beta1)
WordPress SSO

The one without the issue:
Hosted with a third party and still running 1.5.3
Also running WP SSO although very differently to above

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Yes - same with me. I have two forums hosted with Discourse and they are both having the same issue. Here is the other forum stats:

This is the most likely reason as to why it isn’t exhibiting that behavior, as IIRC most of the discussion on this topic has been a “notice a spike in profile views after recent upgrade”, but I may be simplifying that some.

It would be interesting to see how many people that are Discourse hosted and on the latest version are experiencing this.

Ah, here is the other discussion I was thinking of, which indicated it didn’t only impact hosted discourse instances.

I do know at SP, we noticed the spike too and for the record, we are Discourse hosted (and on or close to near latest as of yesterday).

Can you audit this profile view increment code tomorrow @eviltrout and see if anything could be up with it?

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I took a look at the code and it was last changed in February so I am skeptical that it is code related. Most of it looks pretty straightforward, so I don’t see why this would happen.

It does use the ip address of the user when anonymous to prevent knocking the count up too high, so it’s possible that the IP is not being passed in correctly anymore due to a change in proxies or something. However, I suspect we’d see that on all Discourse sites we host, not just some of them.


I am on 1.5 stable, and I notice there are occasional days when the number of profile views are 5-10x higher than the usual level. But not constant increase like yours - single days, few times a month.

Is it definitely not on all?

AFAIK there are 2 Settings that might be involved.

hide user profiles from public [default not checked]
Disable user cards, user profiles and user directory for anonymous users.

user profile view duration hours [default 8]
Count a new user profile view once per IP/User every N hours

The first could be tried if you’re willing to experiment at risk of upsetting non-logged-in visitors. But if it drops that would suggest that a lot of views are coming from anons.

The second might be if you had tweaked the setting lower, or maybe there’s a bug somewhere interfering with the timing.

Yeah, I did that several weeks ago. No change.[quote=“Mittineague, post:19, topic:46833”]
The second might be if you had tweaked the setting lower, or maybe there’s a bug somewhere interfering with the timing.

This is still on the default.

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I confirmed here on meta that the profile views aren’t showing the same giant spike. Instead we have the odd spike here or there (presumably as something is linked via social media).

D’oh, so you did, and so you posted that. :see_no_evil:

I have not been able to reproduce the spike on my localhost. But then it isn’t a real site that can get requested from multiple IPs.

So this is only straw grasping.

I’m wondering if it might have something to do with the skip_redis

AFAIK Redis is used for cache stuff and has a 10 minute expiry.

Might this somehow be interfering with the default 8 hours for some and not for others?

@HAWK Looks like using exposed a bug on our end.

See User Profile Views - Extremely High Lately for the fix

I’ll be helping you nuke the invalid records once we deploy the fix to you.


Thanks! That’s fantastic.

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Done :slight_smile: Let us know if you still see anything weird.

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So the fix is deployed but the extraneous records are still there, yeah?

I’ve removed the extraneous records. :slight_smile:

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Ah yup, the dashboard is now updated. Perfect thanks. :slight_smile:

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