Notification about critical bug fixes?

Hi friends,
did you know these moments?: You’ve installed a bunch of bug fixes with the 1-click-updater and at the next days, you’ll notice even more bug fixes. It’s great to have a classification of features and fixes…

But how about an additional tag like e.g. [urgent] and [security]?

Maybe with a trigger at the Discourse installation itselfs, that notifies the admin about important updates and not just version bumps.

What’s you opinion on that?
Are there updates, that could risk data base content, until they are not fixed?


I have some bad experience and trouble until now with missing uploads ...

When there are updates that are considered urgent they bump the version number.

@pfaffman And you’re suggesting to always wait?

This tag SECURITY already exists (read our file in the github repository if you don’t believe me), so you’re asking for something that is already there… also I’m not sure what you mean by “critical”. Define “critical” for us all, please?

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Unless you are experiencing a particular issue that encourages you to update sooner. Things do happen between beta releases, but for the most part if there are significant reasons to upgrade they bump the version number.

Thanks for the hint! Can’t remember to see that before at the Github commits page.I’ll keep my eyes more open in future :slight_smile:

Definition of „Critical“:
I‘d like to cover situations of potential risks (= probability x amount of danger) for user data and system / security integrity. The threshold should be defined by security experts in your team, with a good understanding of FMEA at Discourse.

More general: It’s nessary to categorize “unwanted effects” in terms of quality management.

Unfortunately, quality management never was and will be a popular topic due to the extra classification and documentation work. But I think, any QM is better than none.

Or did I miss something at the agile development culture of Discourse? :face_with_hand_over_mouth::thinking:

Oh, and now that you mention it, I do use Discourse security alerts - IFTTT

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That’s great! Thank you :heart: I need to setup IFTTT again…

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