Email/Webhook Notification for Critical Security Updates

I think it would be nice if admins could receive an email when there is a new critical update available for a Discourse instance (according to the branch being used). Even better would be if a webhook could be triggered.

Essentially for the same conditions in which the ’ A critical update is available. Please upgrade!’ message is shown on the admin dashboard.

Is this not provided by the version checks and new version emails settings?

I think a critical update would get a version bump, which should trigger both of those?


Thanks @JammyDodger!

I somehow missed that when searching.

Though it appears that the email used for this setting must be listed publicly on the /about page.

I had left ‘contact_email’ empty (opting for using contact_url), which explains why I have not been receiving these emails.

I do think that the email used for administrative critical alerts shouldn’t be the same as the email listed publicly for support/general contact emails though.

One email would make more sense to go to a support ticketing system, while the other should go to the server admin.

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Now you mention it, that does sound familiar. I think there’s an open ux topic here suggesting making those emails more configurable:

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