Notification email (SPF; DKIM, reverse PTR records)

Next to notification email setting, it says that

The from: email address used when sending all essential system emails. The domain specified here must have SPF, DKIM and reverse PTR records set correctly for email to arrive

I’ve only set SPF, but the emails are arriving without problems at least to Gmail. Do I need to set all these three records? And is there a documentation on how to do it.

Each of the three is used during “Is this spam?” heuristic testing by recipients. The more you have, the better it looks. All of them involve DNS settings, so the how-tos are difficult to write here. Every provider has a different way to do them.

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I understand, thank you.

Use to validate your email settings. Send a test mail to it via Admin, Email, Send test email.


this is great, thanks

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