Notify moderators when a user reaches TL3

At the moment, Discourse notifies users when they reach Trust Level 3 (via the Regular Badge), but there isn’t an equivalent notification for site staff. By the default requirements, TL3 users are very active users of the site who provide helpful posts (liked by others). As a site admin, I’d like to recognize users who accomplish this, as well as encourage them to keep doing what they’re doing. At the moment, I just keep an eye on /badges/3/regular, but this is very manual.

Thoughts on a site setting to send moderators (or more ideally a list of users) a PM when a user reaches TL3? Site setting because this could be incredibly noisy on larger sites, and “ideally a list of users” as there may be numerous moderators, not all of whom need to be alerted to something like this.


I was just thinking this today as we had a long time contributor reach TL3 and we did not welcome him properly to the group. Also would be nice to see a list of all of the users that are close to promotion.


I agree that an easy way to get visibility of this would be useful for acknowledgment and retention.
@codinghorror – your thoughts?


Couldn’t you just subscribe to the RSS feed for the badge? I think there is already a way to do this.

Regular badge on Discourse Meta does not appear to be valid. I get a nice blank page when I try to load that.

Even if there was an RSS feed, I think this would be something useful from a community perspective to support within Discourse.

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I’d rather make the RSS feeds work on these badge pages like they do on other pages @techapj, can you add that to your list?


The problem with RSS though is that its very ninja and requires external tools.

I am not entirely against adding this kind of option to the badge definition page:

Notify these users when a user is assigned this badge:
[username1, username2 … ]

Then we could easily just add one more notification when the badge is assigned.


I’m not really in favor of any extra feature creep at this time, as our plate is quite full… however RSS should work on these pages as it does on all others. This is kind of an advanced user ask anyway.

I agree an RSS should help in the short term. I think a long term option would be an added ability to set a staff notification option on badge settings to be notified when attained. It would be off by default but would give flexibility to the staff.

Also would be good to allow for Dashboard improvements to understanding TL attainment and promotion inevitability. For example, when we look at TL 2 we could possibly see a mark next to users that are close to TL 3 (whatever that means) without having to dive into each user.

That is for future arguments when Badges and TL level enhancements get into the mix.


Okay, added RSS feed for badge pages via works now.


Thanks @techAPJ. Unfortunately, I’ve discovered that this does not actually resolve the issue for me. The site I was looking for this feature on uses SSO and I cannot get my RSS reader to access the page. As such, barring a suggestion for getting an RSS reader to authenticate via SSO, RSS will not solve the issue for me.

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I haven’t got a site with SSO to test, but I think you should be able to use an API key generated in the admin panel to authenticate to an rss endpoint?

Something like

works for me on a non-sso login-required site without logging in


Hmm, interesting idea. I’ll have to test that when I’m back at work tomorrow.

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@techAPJ why would the RSS page require authentication? That doesn’t seem right. I don’t know why the badge listing page would require staff access to see?

On the other hand loads just fine in Incognito Mode in Chrome for me @jomaxro

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I have login-required and hide user profiles from public enabled, and so the badges page does require authentication. I guess @jomaxro has something similar, with the addition of SSO.


Yep, @david got it right. We’re login required in addition to SSO.


Sadly using the admin API key does not appear to work on my SSO login-required site. Trying to load does not work. I’m getting a HTTP 500 error. Loading just redirects to the SSO login page.

Pretty sure a 500 error shouldn’t happen - anything in the logs?

Edit: Ah, I can reproduce the 500 if I use an “All Users” API key. Using a key associated with a specific user works fine.

To make the “All Users” key work, just add &api_username=system to the end :slight_smile:


Was about to post that there was nothing in /logs

…adding the username parameter at the end works! Thanks @david :gift_heart:


Can we improve the error message here?