Add PM for promotion to TL3 (to be consistent with TL1 and TL2)

Continuing the discussion from Customise text for TL3 promotion PM:

I’d like to propose that there be a PM (with customisable text) sent to users on promotion to TL3.

This would make it consistent with promotion to TL1 and TL2.

I’m aware of the Automation plugin, but it would be good if all three trust levels were treated the same by Discourse as standard.

Thanks for considering this.


I think historically this was covered by the ‘welcome to the lounge’ blurb in the Lounge ‘About’ topic. Though now the Lounge is no longer seeded as a default category in new Discourse sites, so I think we are missing an opportunity to congratulate people on the promotion.


Maybe so. I’m sure that I remember getting TL3 notification, but maybe it was the lounge welcome that I remember?


I don’t recall ever getting a notification for TL3 promotion.

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It was long ago that I became TL3, so maybe there was some notification then, or maybe it was just the Lounge topic as @JammyDodger suggested. I just looked at the source and don’t see any notification, and I manually bumped my test user to TL3on a site I just set up and . . . wait! There’s a badge for TL3, so I did get a notification!



This badge is granted when you reach trust level 3. Thanks for being a regular part of our community over a period of months. You’re now one of the most active readers, and a reliable contributor that makes our community great. You can now recategorize and rename topics, take advantage of more powerful spam flags, access a private lounge area, and you’ll also get lots more likes per day.

But that’s not what this topic is about…

But wait. This is about whether there is a PM. Indeed, there is no PM.


I’m not where I can I can test this at the moment, but in theory if you have the automation plug-in there is a workaround.

There is a script that lets you send a PM based on a trigger, and being added to a group is one of the possible triggers. In theory, setting the group to trust_level_3 should work.

We use that script pretty heavily on my RP forums to send PMs when we add users to our NPC_Managers group.

They said, I actually think it’s a bit odd there isn’t a function for this in core for TL3.

I can get not having one for TL4 since that is manual, but TL3 should definitely have one for consistency :slight_smile:


I was explaining this to someone the other day: TL3 can be demoted!

So we need to think: what happens when a TL3 goes back to TL2 and gets active again and goes back to TL3? Do they get a promotion message each time they promote to TL3? :thinking:

My conclusion was: because it is difficult to know how TL3 will work for a given community, it’s better to allow Automation or a manual message from staff as the approach.


As far as I know, even if you move someone to a lower TL and later unlock it so the promotion works again it doesn’t send a new message again for TL1 or TL2, at least I’ve never seen that on my test accounts.

I would assume there’s a check somewhere in the code to prevent it from resending the messages so in theory that could be extended to the TL3, although I can also see some good reasons for doing it each time as well depending on how a specific instance has and uses TL3.

A good example is one of my friends has TL3 configured so you can only get it via being added to their Donors group, so that’s an instance where each time would make sense.

On one of my own instances, we have it set so that as long as you visit and post about once a month you keep your TL3 status, so that would be a case where sending multiple times would actually be an annoyance.


We can confirm this, but I believe there are a few things happening with a TL2 or lower demotion. I think by default it locks them to that trust level, since they’ve already unlocked the higher level (else they’d be promoted again?).

“The other day” was a few weeks ago, so I need to look up exactly how it works. :slight_smile:

Made a note to look into this next week.


Yep, that’s how it works. We use TL0 to force certain users into moderated posting when they hit the “needs reenforcement that we have rules for a reason” but aren’t quite at the “silence/suspend them” level yet.

It usually takes a bit to do rhe re-promo when you unlock the trust level if you don’t manually fix it back to their old level. Longest time I ever saw was 4 hours.


I’ve just had a quick test with one of my test users and I think you do get another message on being ‘re-promoted’. I had them locked at TL0 for some time, and just unlocked them again and when the TL was re-evaluated I got the suite of them for both TL1 and TL2: (they’ve been all the trust levels before at some point)

TL1 and TL2 promotion messages

Checking the code, it looks like it skips the PM if they already have the TL badge, and I think that’s recalculated daily - so if a Trust Level is lost&regained in the same day I think it would skip the PM (depending on how the time window of demotion and background job aligned).

Though just to add as well, the Automation can also trigger on user demotion. So if you tailored the right message for your forum that handled each I think it would still be viable to send both each time the TL3 was gained and lost (which could support adding it to core).


That would explain me never getting a new PM when testing. None of my test accounts were TL locked long enough to lose their badges by the daily reset.

That’s useful info to know though because now it makes me want to dig into the code and see how difficult it would be to add a flag for each TL so the system knows not to resend the message if it was ever sent previously for a given TL.


I do that for some new users but it seems like a sledgehammer to crack a nut. It would be better to have a site setting just for moderation per user. I might add a feature request for that (though I have a feeling that it’s been asked before).

Back to TL messages, it would be good to be able to control these completely, eg turn on/off and edit messages for each TL.

The settings for controlling those messages are as follows:

  • send tl1 welcome message
  • send tl2 promotion message

Search for the following customizable text:

  • /admin/customize/site_texts?q=system_messages.welcome_tl1
    • system_messages.welcome_tl1_user.subject_template
    • system_messages.welcome_tl1_user.text_body_template
  • /admin/customize/site_texts?q=system_messages.tl2_promotion
    • system_messages.tl2_promotion_message.subject_template
    • system_messages.tl2_promotion_message.text_body_template
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Thanks. I knew how to edit the TL1 and TL2 messages (body only) – from searching for some text in their original content – but the others were news to me.