Odd rollover behavior: math plugin

When rolling over inline math, a magnified pop-up of the math appears. The text in this popup is very faint, like it has some sort of filter on it. When you roll over a block of math (enclosed in double dollar signs), you don’t get a popup, but rather a small box appears at the bottom of the block. It’s as if the system is trying to generate the popup but it’s appearing in the wrong container.

Examples on this post:

Thanks for all your hard work, Team Discourse!


The issues are with the discourse math zoom on hover site setting. When a dark color scheme is used on the site, the text displayed when hovering over inline math is not legible. This is a color contrast issue.

With any color scheme, when hovering over a block of math, the zoom frame is not having it’s size properly set.

I’ve been testing this on my development site, with the latest version of Discourse and the Discourse Math plugin. Using the latest Chrome browser on Ubuntu

Someone from our engineering team will look at this soon. For now, it would probably be a good idea to disable the discourse math zoom on hover site setting.

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