Oembed Discovery - What is being talked about?

One way to read a Discourse forum is to … just to read the topics. Another way could be to see what=oembeds is being talked about - in the topics. Say I need for my forum to discuss youtube-clips. Then I would want a list of latest and filtered Oembeds in a forum, to get another view to discovering the activities of the forum. But also newsstories and so on.

I can already start a topic by pasting in a url. Being a simple end-user and all I do not know, but suspect that Discourse is already registering Oembeds as special “things”, since there has to be a mechanism where the oembed is made into … an oembed from a link. So, when this happens, maybe an event could be put in place - where the oembed is put into a list on its own ?

Alternatively I would like to know how to make a query with the database-explorer and link to it in the header ?

The point is to get a sense of the “things” people are talking about.

I put it under #feature - but maybe it should have been #ux

What say thee ?

I think that a plugin that created a new route/view that has a page of YouTube links could work. My wild guess is that it’s a $500 to $2000 job depending on your specific needs and how pretty you want it to be.

Which is another way of saying, that it cannot be done easily.

Thank you Jay. Just wanted to check.

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Just being creative here :slight_smile: If a youtube link gets oembedded and thereby transformed so I can not without further ado just make a link that searches “youtube OR Vimeo OR x OR y only in body” - is there another way I can search my way to posts having youtube and the like returned as result ? I mean ust searching for youtube here gives me results with youtube in title not embedded youtube videos in the body of a post.

But as I recall last time I can just stop Oembedding actually. Then those urls would be searchable ? That is I would actually be able to just search for youtube.com in posts ? Probably a good solution for me, as I do not really need Oembed. I do not want to see all those images unless I positively ask to see it by clicking. Or am I wrong.

Otherwise one could make a community rule, where they cannot embed in posts - but have to make a new topic in a special media category.

Just … beign creative.

Any thoughts ?

I don’t see an easy way to search for “posts with some kind of video embedded”. I think that you might be able to do a data explorer query for something like

SELECT id post_id, topic_id from posts where cooked like '%lazyYT-containers' 
or cooked like '%inline-onebox%'

and get the posts and topics with some kind of embeds. You could refine it further to get just the ones that have things that you think you care about, and then, I think, you could have a theme component pull that data explorer query and do . . . something.

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But is the Oembed transformation of the link i put into the editor not recorded in the db as an event ?