Old flagged post notifications have come back and won't go away

(Yaw Anokwa) #1

I’m running v1.9.0.beta13 +52 that I upgraded yesterday. This morning, I got a PM about 7 flags waiting to be handled. These are posts are all old posts that were flagged (all custom flags) by none other than @downey (although I don’t think it’s his fault).

When I agree with the flag, I get a generic 500 error. When I disagree with the flag and I refresh, the flag comes back. I don’t see anything unusual (or related in the logs).

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #2

Update again, this has been fixed (you should have seen how many flags appeared here on Meta when this bug occured!):

(Michael Downey) #3

I didn’t break it, I swear… :wink:

(Daniela) #4

Probably this?


(Joshua Rosenfeld) closed #5

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