Agree -> Keep Post flag option not working


It seems that the flag option for “Agree -> Keep Post” isn’t working. It removes the flag from /flags/active until you refresh or navigate away, at which point it will re-appear.

Any thoughts?


How is that not working? You agreed with the flag, and the post was kept.

The flag has now been handled and will no longer appear in your unhandled flag list.

The flag continues to appear in the unhandled flag list.

Repro steps:

  1. Navigate to /flags/active
  2. Click “Agree…” then click “Keep Post”
  3. Navigate away from the page
  4. Navigate back to /flags/active

The flag that you just agreed to, using the Keep Post option, is still there waiting to be resolved.

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Oh dear definitely I can repro on try. Something regressed here @sam. Any recent changes in this area @eviltrout?

Will have a look this morning, client side seems fine, this is a bug server side.


Fixed per:

This area was very thinly tested, this fix regressed the behavior


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