On androids chats are a bit too wide

I’m on 2.9.0.beta9 (5259198c61) and now all my android-using-users are complaining one or two last characters of messages disappears under scrollbar.

You don’t understand a word but the issue shows anyway:

  • the first line: word mutt should be mutta
  • the third line: word takaov should be takaoven

iPhone works just fine, though. I don’t owe an android so I can’t check this. But members are using different devices and AFAIK different browsers so it should not be a bug of like Chrome (it still can be :wink: )


Edit: safe-mode didn’t help.


I can see this on my Android (Google Pixel 6 Pro, Chrome) myself.

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I see it too now that I’m looking for it.

I’ll add this to our list to fix up.


Should be fixed here:


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