On mobile, YouTube Onebox previews open in browser instead of YT app

On mobile, I use Discourse in Brave and Chrome. When I click on a YT link shared via the [text-to](hyperlink) format, it always opens in the YT app — which is ideal.

YT links that are shared via Oneboxing play just fine in the video preview in Discourse, but sometimes I want to open the video preview in YT itself so that I can add it to a playlist or explore the channel it belongs to. When I click on the video preview’s link (its title at the top of the preview box) it always opens mobile YT in a new browser tab, not the app.

Of course, on desktop this is a non-issue. But YouTube’s mobile browser site is… not good.

Is there a way to get these Oneboxed preview links to open in the YT app?

Bump. Now it seems that both OneBoxed and text-hyperlinked YT videos are opening in the mobile browser.

Is there a way to get these links to open in the YT app instead?