Onboarding “normies” to forums!

To my surprise…many people don’t quite understand what forums are and how to use them.

I really want the appeal of my discourse site to be far and wide.

So I am just wondering, what do you guys do as an onboarding process to a) make your site more “sticky” for visitors, but b) sell in the CONCEPT of a forum and get people to start contributing and feeling confident to do so.

Grateful for any advice, examples of forums that do this well, or generally any ideas to throw into the mix.

Thanks in advance!


While I think I know what you mean here, would you mind giving some context or detail on this?

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I think it depends on the topics and the community you’re working with. For instance, I work on a knowledge base and I made some virtual meetings with the people to show and get them to know the platform, make them feel confident to use it, teach them what to publish and what would not be allowed, but also make them know that I’m here to help them with any issue.

Maybe yours it’s not for work, but hope my experience gives you some ideas!

Good luck!