One-click language changer

On my WordPress-installs I’m using a helper plugin that changes used language of backend on the fly. Backend is normally in finnish for me and if/when I need anykind support I save few clicks when trying to get english speaking screenshots. Well, for me that is then main reason, but officially it offers possibility to change fast language of backend when keeping frontend something else.

That would be nice extra touch in Discourse too.

WordPress is quite different world than Discourse and I’m not talking only about technical side — there those two are totally different. But in WordPress every creating jobs happends on backend side so keeping it in native language is the most intuitive way when frontend should follow other rules. But Discourse uses backend only for administration, as we all know. And here the fun parts starts.

In perfect world we non-english speakers could keep frontend following default and user’s settings, but backend would follow other settings — then I/you/them/everybody (hmm, for some reason I would like to see Blues Brothers again…) could use easier language when creation and everyday jobs happends, and english there where every english speakings docs, how-to’s etc. applies.

But because we don’t live in perfect world the really fast one-click language changer for all Discourse would make life a bit easier. Well, we can change theme and light/dark already that way :wink:

Is this a big question? No. Can we not-native-english speakers live without such option? Sure. Could it clean up a bit screenshots here in the way everyone understand without explanations? Defenetly.

I don’t know if such helper is worth of job. Famous someone else have to do it, and even more glorius rich guy has to pay it, because I don’t have budget.

It serves only non-english world (that is much bigger than english speaking…) and could help struggling agains low-quality google/bing translations that are somekind issue here every now and then.

Is it even remotely possible because of technical solutions of Discourse… I don’t know, but you guys know. Should be a part of the core, plugin or component? I don’t know, but you guys know.

Is such functionality requested before? I don’t think so, but I was a lazy person and didn’t search. I reckon everyone is so used to use longer route via personal settings and reloading after the language change they don’t even think another solution :wink:

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Maybe you want to use


Close, but no.

It defenetly can be useful for real global forums, but I wouldn’t use that on those either. Just because it is really rare situation where an user want to change language more than once. By UX that should be on registration-form. Not showing to everyone all the time.

But I’m sure there is ways to limit offered language options and limiting visibily to admins only. Then it would work.


What does this component do? Maybe he’ll do?

I’m not totally sure if it does anything else than maybe sets cookie without any effects. Undocumented component with only en-locale (if that means anything :thinking: ) so I would say it may or may not do something, but nothing right here and now.

That component is built to be used with a specific theme and requires some more advanced configuration, Header Locale Selector does the same thing, and works without any extra theme work.