OneBox common document formats

When users upload attachments to posts which are not images (for example, common document formats such as PowerPoint, Excel, Word, PDF or equivalents), when these resource URL’s are called up, is it possible to OneBox them as well?

For example, Word/PowerPoint/Excel documents have Titles, Summaries, Authors etc. set which may work nicely on a OneBox digest format. All that is required is to detect the format of the upload (based on extension is probably enough) and then extract pieces of useful info from the files to display in OneBox.

For example, PowerPoint and PDF documents may even show a thumbnail of the first page.

This is a duplicate of an older feature request:

It’s already implemented for PDF files, adding this feature for other file types would require shipping additional parsers for these files with Discourse.


@fefrei you’re right. :+1:

I searched for a while with OneBox and other strings, but didn’t come up with that topic. OneBox PDF found it nicely.