Onebox does not work in "Hide Details"

Below is a wiki page:

When i put the wiki page url in details,it just displays a link, while it is expected to be the same as above.


Apache Hadoop - Wikipedia


When you put it into the markdown tags it is mini oneboxing.

Thanks, @HAWK.

For onebox, I wrote customized onebox plugin to process some urls. Is there’s a way to customize the mini onebox? Or is it possible to disable the mini-onebox and use the onebox instead?

If you want full size onebox put the link on a line by itself, this is how it has always worked.

I don’t know that we care about this edge case with details and full size onebox, why would anyone want to do that?

We are building a service with jupyter (coding service) and discourse (community). We do write a onebox plugin to support sharing jupyter notebooks to discourse community. The notebook could be very long. For some of the cases, we want to collapse it.

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I’m not sure if the current behavior was intended or not, but previews don’t show up in “Hide Details” sections. If possible, I think it would be nice to display previews there too.


Link Doesn't Preview


Image Doesn't Preview


Video Doesn't Preview


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