Show Details in Preview Screen when using Hide Details feature

Right now when using the Hide Details feature, I do not see the details in the preview screen. Instead, the details are always collapsed. I find this very difficult because when I’m typing the details, I want to be able to see it in the preview.


When I’m writing, I’d like to be able to see this writing on the preview screen but alas…

In the preview screen, I am able to click on the drop-down menu but as soon as I create a new line, the details collapse again.

I propose that the preview screen acts the same way the actual post would. If it was expanded, then it’ll stay expanded. If it was collapsed, then it will stay collapsed.


There is a workaround if you need it?

If you use the html <details> you can add ‘open’ and that will automatically have it open in the preview (and post, so you may want to take it out before publishing :slightly_smiling_face:)

<details open>
Display Text

Hidden Details

Display Text

Hidden Details

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