Onebox embeds for pages that no longer exist do not update

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If you hop to the thread from which I continued this discussion, you will see that codinghorror posted a link to another thread that subsequently was deleted or no longer is accessible. The onebox embedded link in his post makes it appear as if the link is still valid.

While this may not be a bug, my expectation was that the thread would still be there. I wonder if it makes sense, upon the deletion of a thread (or post?) to find the posts that link to it and insert a comment in the one box that the link is invalid.

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There’s the same issue if a post is edited and changes considerably.

If you quote one of my posts where I said

Obama is the best president ever!

And then I later edit it, after you quoted it, to say:

Bush is the best president ever!

Your quote does not change, and should not, yes?

In general oneboxes don’t “rebake” to reflect anything about the post or topic (or linked site) changing. They are baked once at the time of save and that’s it.

I understand your point. I guess I don’t really think of oneboxes – especially to internal site threads – as quotes. I think of them more as cross references. Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know that it was behavior that I thought was dissonant with the general Discourse flow.

From my observation

  1. Onebox is cached for ~24 hours.

  2. Onebox regenerate on rebake when cache expired.( it might depend how it got rebaked)

It mean that if a post get linked multiple times in a period of 24 hours and the post was modified. it will not reflect in the newly generated onebox.

It might also be possible that if a post is cached in onebox in the 24 hours period it will be possible to generate the onebox for a deleted post.