Onebox for same site not working

Hello !

I see that copy / pasting a link to the same discourse (to another topic) does not display onebox anymore… Just the link.
Would you have an idea why / what I can do ? I don’t really know how to debug this…

Thank you

It wasn’t decided that the title is better, like Changing Max Attachment Size but if you paste on a line by itself you still get a onebox. Like

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On my discourse, the URL is not replaced (neither by title nor window)…

I think I might have seen that on a site I’ve worked with too. Can you share your URL? What version are you running?

My bad ! I was pasting the URL of a topic removing the IDs at the end of the URL (I wanted to send to the topic itself, not to a specific message).
With the full URL it works ^^

Thank you !

For reference, there are 2 IDs in most URLs. The first is the topic ID, the second is the post ID. It is safe to change/remove the post ID, it is not safe to remove the topic ID.

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Well, the link still works without the topic ID (that’s what got me !) as it redirects you to the URL with this ID. But it does not work for onebox, which does not follow the redirection (which is normal ^^)