Onebox images have the wrong aspect

I’ve tried this with page links from a couple of different Wordpress sites, and the effect is the same:

Both sites definitely have valid OG tags. Image sources are square. We’re not specifying image dimensions in the OG tags.

The example above works fine in the Facebook sharing debugger and iFramely. Click the link below to see it on iFramely.

I reviewed all the onebox and image settings but I don’t see anything that seems relevant.

I went through the onebox troubleshooting and configuration guides here, but nothing helped.

I figure it has to be something in our Discourse settings, or in Discourse itself.

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Let’s see what that link looks like on this Discourse instance:

When I pasted that in, the onebox in the preview briefly showed the image with the correct aspect. A second or two later it got squashed.

So whatever is going on isn’t limited to our Discourse instance. I guess we might need to specify the image dimensions in the OG tags, but I didn’t think that was required.

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