OneBox not appearing... troubleshooting steps?

On a new forum I am administering I tried posting a sentence or two together with a link that I hoped would create a OneBox popout. But it didn’t appear. Tried a couple of times with a couple of different links. Both show popups just fine when I put them in iframely. Any troubleshooting list I can go through? Here’s one of the links, on its own line with no space like in the posts I made on the site:

And this link was used in the other failed attempt:

After posting both messages I went to settings for OneBox and put a checkbox next to both of these options:
enable flash video onebox
enable inline onebox on all domains

But still no preview.

The site at is hosted by WP Engine. WP Engine blocks requests from user-agents that they are not familiar with. This prevents Discourse oneboxes from displaying for many WP Engine hosted sites.

This has come up a few times in the past. The way to get it resolved is for the owners of the WP Engine hosted site to contact WP Engine and ask them to allow the Discourse Forum Onebox User Agent. If you are an owner of it would be great if you could contact WP Engine and ask them to do this.


Thanks! Would that also be true of the other site at How can I can I tell if a site is hosted by WP engine?

The site at doesn’t appear to be hosted by WP Engine. The meta data required for creating a onebox exists on that site, but when I try to create one on a live site, the request to the website is returning 404 Not Found. On my local dev site, oneboxes for are created without a problem. This suggests that the problem is that the Discourse Forum Onebox user-agent is being blocked.

To check if a site is hosted on WP Engine, I view the source of the page and search for ‘wpengine’.


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