Onebox Youtube not recognizing ?t=13m30s but does ?t=810 - member says m:s used to work

Hi Folks,

One of my members pointed out the using minutes and seconds in a YT URL no longer works, he thinks as of a couple months ago. In my testing, he is correct, the video just starts at the beginning. I’ll embed both URL’s here, and let’s see if it’s just my site. - Nope - behaves the same here - I am not a ruby coder, but I looked at the ruby code for youtube_onebox_spec.rb and it looks like the M:S format, along with start and end are accommodated, but neither arguments work on my site.

The M:S format is much easier for folks on mobile to use as the YT app does not provide a way to select start time, the user has to append the ?t= string to the URL when they share it.

Thanks for any assistance. OK, let’s see how these URL’s work here.

Oh, we are at 3.1.0beta4 (f462347e12) and I see 3.1.0beta5 just dropped. I schedule maintenance windows on our site, so won’t be able to run that in right away to see if the update helps this issue.


Maybe a regression from the lazy-yt migration @jancernik ?


Yes, this was a regression. Thanks for the report. This PR should fix the issue:


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