YouTube Timestamps Component

Converts timestamps within a post, to timestamp hyperlinks to the post’s (otherwise the topic’s) associated YouTube video.

See it in action here

Note: Firefox is currently unsupported.


Seems like a great plugin. Unless I am misunderstanding the plugin’s purpose, the example topics you’ve supplied don’t seem to be displaying the links as timestamps though.


Which browser are you using? Has been working fine for me on chrome and safari.

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I used Firefox to test this out. I can confirm that viewing in chrome does work though.

Looking in dev tools for FireFox this is whats rendered in html for each timestamp:

<p>0:00 - what are the constants of experience?</p>

In chrome, this is whats rendered:

<p><a href=";t=0s" title="View the video yXZSeiAl4PI at 00s">00s</a> — recap of jung, archetypes</p>

So checked the console in Firefox and got SyntaxError: invalid regexp group errors.

Turns out Firefox doesn’t supported named capture groups for regular expressions:

Going to mark Firefox as unsupported, however seems they are working on it - perhaps will land by the end of the year looking at current progress on their side.

Will update the readmes accordingly, thanks for the heads up!



An update on Firefox support. The functionality has landed in the upcoming Firefox v78 which will be released next week:


Hey folks, seems like whatever time stamp I use, it picks 00s

Using a format like 2:20:23 - hrs mins secs or 2:23 min secs. Could you help?