Oneboxing changes link URL?

Hi everyone,

Over on our forum we have a issue where when a URL is oneboxed it changes the actual URL itself.

As a example:

This is a link to our website:

But this is what shows when oneboxed:


  • “%2C” being changed to “,”.
  • “+” Being changed to “%2B”

Which gives users the wrong results on our site.

Is there a way to stop this happening or a workaround?

Those links are both the same:,Het%2BClown&s2=Pastel,Het%2BClown

Can you wrap/backtick them so we can see them as you intended?

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Sorry, my bad :roll_eyes:

This is what it should look like:

This is what happens when oneboxed:,Het%2BClown&s2=Pastel,Het%2BClown

If the url is functional in either case, why does it matter?

Because they lead to different results.

Here is what should be shown through the link:

Not this:

This makes a huge difference when trying to calculate genetics correctly.