Oneboxing of sites with hash (#) in URL not working

I’m pretty sure this used to onebox nicely with a highlighted line

Works fine without the line number


Yeah I recall this used to work @techAPJ can you have a quick look?

Aha - GitHub serves a “Canonical” URL on pages with specified line numbers.

<link rel="canonical" href="" data-pjax-transient="">
So now that canonical URLs are prioritised, it's broken :(

Interesting… well we got to special case github here, its one of the only places that uses a # to get magic behavior in onebox.

What I don’t understand though is why it is a complete fail.


Wow, this was a tricky issue to debug. This is not related to “prefer canonical URL” change.

Also, this issue is not specific to GitHub only, but all the sites that uses # magic. For example:

This regression was introduced eleven days ago in this commit. Specifically in this code:

URI(URI.escape(url)) if url

Escaping the URL converts/encodes # in link to %23 and some sites does not handle that well, GitHub and Ars Technica included.

Wikipedia handle this just well, for example:

@eviltrout should we remove the URL escaping here? Or add a new case for sites with 404 response?


# should not be encoded on the right hand side of the URL; that’s not correct. I think what’s happening is we are mixing logic for URL paths and querystring stuff.

Operative words beng “the optional last part of a URL


Yeah it looks to me like URI.escape is not being smart here. I would not remove escaping altogether as it can lead to security issues, but it’s worth coming up with a failing test and fixing the escaping to work properly.

Note that # should not be encoded as jeff points out, but < and > and quotes definitely should be.


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