Oneboxing not working when starting a topic with pre-filled information

The documentation on Create a link to start a new topic with pre-filled information says:

However, even when directly copy-pasting the listed example, a redirect appears to strip one of the slashes from the URL specified after title= , resulting in the browser instead navigating to which opens a composer window for a new topic with the pre-filled title https:/ The behavior and oneboxing described in Start a topic by pasting a link (like Reddit) then obviously doesn’t occur, unless you manually add another / back in to the title URL.

I first saw this behavior trying things out on my hosted Discourse and figured I might have something mis-configured, but then seems like a bug since it also happens with the provided example?

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IMO you are expected to encode any query unsafe query params,



that works like Discourse Meta (open in a new tab)


ah! thank you, I would suggest the example be clarified but can proceed from here. Much appreciated!


I’ve added this info on the guide, thanks! :handshake: