Oneboxing: Wikipedia links are broken with umlauts

I didn’t found any complaints / solutions regarding to this issue. It’s interesting: In the moment you’re initially copy such a link with umlaut onboxing seems to create a preview. After adding a new line or by posting the preview disappears.

And even more interesting: Just here at meta, after posting, the onboxing is working.

For example:

Thanks in advance

So… basically, everything works? What’s the actual problem?

The markdown parser looks for eligible links for oneboxing and tags these with a special class. In the post preview, such links are turned into oneboxes live, but in posted messages a background job replaces the link with the actual onebox content in the cooked HTML. This job is run asynchronously by sidekiq, so it is possible that the post will become visible in the frontend before the processing job has replaced the onebox.

The actual problem is, that onbox links with umlauts doesn’t work at my discourse properly.

I can’t explain why. Here at meta it seems to work fine except in preview.

Do you have any error messages in /logs ?

There are no errors. It’s just not working.

In first place, after adding the link, the onbox is shown correctly. But after a space or new line, the onbox disappears. And in contrast to this discourse installation (Meta), my one isn’t showing the onbox correctly after posting.

##After adding the link.

##After adding some new lines / adding a space

Oh, I see. Weird, I couldn’t reproduce this the first time around. Something is definitely bugged here…

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I’m using discourse v1.3.0.beta4 +85 (5f8bd16)

@terraboss are you still having this issue?

I am not able to repro this here on meta or locally.