Only some elements work with blur on some devices


As of recently, I’ve started to have issues with blurring things on Chrome and Mobile.
For example on mobile, the background and topbar are not blurred. However, random dropdowns are.

The same goes for some desktop browsers. On Chrome, the user menu and dropdown sidebar are now blurred. However, everything else is.

Here, I set the backdrop for all devices, which as I said does not work on mobile.

The menu panel is done here:

I’m not sure what I’ve done wrong here, as in the screenshots it only works on some elements on mobile, and on desktop it only doesn’t support that one thing on Chromium in specific - having no issues on Firefox.

Update: It seems like blurring the header causes this, but as I said only on Chromium again.

Update 2: I forgot to add webkit to the background - could that be causing it?