OpenID Connect Plugin not creating new users with AWS Cognito

Hello There,

I have a local instance of the discourse in my machine. I am trying to authenticate users using OpenID connect. I have followed the below link to set up the OpenID plugin for discourse: OpenID Connect Authentication Plugin.

When I tried to log in using the OpenID for the existing user in discourse, everything works fine. But the actual problem occurs when I tried to sign up using the OpenID connect.

AWS Cognito verified the user and callback to discourse happened successfully and I verified the development.log file, user information also fetched by the discourse properly. But after that, it’s still on the login page instead of redirecting the user to the dashboard.

Basically using OpenID connect and AWS Cognito I couldn’t create a new user in Discourse.

Any sort of guidance on this will be very much helpful. Thanks in Advance.

Screenshot of the profile info fetched by discourse from development.log file FYR.

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I am not skilled with the SSO setup, but could you check through the steps detailed here to see if they help in anyway improve your integration?

I have followed these steps too. But no luck. Still the same.

Any updates here? I’m also trying to use cognito for authentication.