Anyone have a working AWS Cognito configuration w/ ouath2, openid or sso?

I’m trying to integrate Discourse with our existing Cognito UserPool.

Don’t have any IdP or SAML setup in AWS for sso so haven’t gone there.

Tried w/ openid plugin but it Discourse redirects login to the /AUTHORIZE endpoint in Cognito instead of /LOGIN - I know it gets this from the configuration in .well-known, but not sure how this is suppose to work.

Tried w/ oauth2 plugin - I see Discourse calling the /TOKEN endpoint and receiving the JWT back from Cognito, but the /USERINFO endpoint then returns an error, so it doesn’t get beyond that.

Does anyone have a working config they can share - oauth2 seems like the best route but I’m missing something somewhere apparently.

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How did you get on with this?

I have same need



Hi - I have gotten any replies from anyone and I haven’t had a chance to revisit it myself unfortunately.

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