OpenID Connect support in selfhosted Discourse instance


We have an self hosted discourse instance in aws, I have installed the openID connect plugin GitHub - discourse/discourse-openid-connect: Allows an OpenID Connect provider to be used as an authentication provider for Discourse, we want to integrate with Amazon Cognito i have followed below steps mentioned in the link
OpenID Connect Authentication Plugin
Iam getting the below error page

Does openID connect support needs an business plan as mandatory, or is there any way we can integrate in selfhosted version, please clarify


No it doesn’t! The hosted plans are not licenses to use any part of Discourse, they are simply hosting plans. Plugins are split between plans to allow a more efficient setup, as more plugins require more computing resource (RAM, storage, CPU speed etc). So you can use any plugin and as many plugins as you like on a self-hosted instance while taking note of the needed computing resource.

If you need a way/guide to setup OpenID with Amazon Cognito, see this guide here: Anyone have a working AWS Cognito configuration w/ ouath2, openid or sso? - #4 by weallwegot

Feel free to always use the search :mag: to find stuff like this :wink:, I just found that by searching.

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Thanks Osioke
I have tried the above steps you have mentioned, iam getting the below error message, i have followed the steps mentioned in the link

{“code”:“BadRequest”,“message”:“The server did not understand the operation that was requested.”,“type”:“client”}