OpenROV and Discourse

We measure Discourse’s success as an open source project by one simple metric — are Discourse communities working? Is your community working? We recently interviewed Brian Adams of OpenROV to discuss how they use Discourse and get some specifics about what is – and isn’t – working for their community.

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I should also mention that @erlend_sh put all these questions together and really made this happen.

I had talked with @badevguru a while ago about possibly blogging their story, because open source freakin’ underwater robots are awesome, but Erlend was the catalyst that pushed things forward.

We hope to make this perhaps a bi-monthly series to highlight the cool stuff Discourse communities are doing!


Very awesome indeed! :slight_smile:

Now, that Auth0 Single Sign On issue there sounds quite big. Did discourse evolve from there since then?

Nice read, enjoyed it.

I can see my feature request got a mention… But still has no likes sad puppy

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As far as I know, SSO has not changed since I did the Auth0 bridge. If anyone is interested I can post the bridge code… I have it running on amazon beanstalk nodes.


Excellent post @badevguru. Your story sounds eerily close to what we went through transitioning our site and forums… we have yet to implement the SSO but it’s high on the list.

Your theme is close enough to ours that I’m gonna toss ya a line of CSS. This fixes long username overflow on the topic list.

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