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I’m wondering if there is any feature that combines all/multiple javascripts into one and highly reused images using css sprint?

I do see it takes bit of time to load the website during the first time and then is very fast from second load onwards.

Any recommendation?

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If you are using our official install and have SSL enabled (eg access your site with https://yoursite.com) then you get HTTP/2

This means we send all the assets more efficiently and that sprites for avatars and various other hacks that were needed in the HTTP/1.1 era are no longer beneficial.


Ah yea I understand. Never thought http2 comes by default with the discourse DO image/installation script.

I’m not an advance in this tech stack, I did wonder why there is a mix of h1.1/h2 request. Is it a browser choice?

Also, to reduce the time for first page load, is there a topic/discussion here about page optimisation/cdn/server side settings to read about specifically for discourse?

I have 7 to 10 seconds loads time in a private window and it’s a vanilla setup and a small forum.

Also, If there is a blog/category section, I would love to read about engineering/scalable decision that the discourse team made while building the forum.

You can search on scaling and scalability using the magnifying glass above. :wink:

You can also find links to codinghorror’s blog from posts he shares here in the #site-feedback:blog subcategory .

This is a really useful post on a related topic that you might miss:


If you pay attention to your print screen you will see the lines showing HTTP1.1 aren’t real requests, but just resources coming from cache.


thanks all :grinning:

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