Optimize user profiles for search engines

We have quite a few users who provided their real names in their user profile and also filled out the other profile fields as well as custom fields. So - in our case - it would make sense to optimize the user pages for search engines (e.g. include the real name in the meta data, allow crawling in robots.txt etc). Is there a way to achieve this - or maybe make it a site setting?

You can change the rules for robots.txt yourself by going to: ***/admin/customize/robots of your site. In addition, you may have to analyze (after indexing) exactly how you want to improve these pages (more specifically).


Thanks for the link!

I think I would just add [Full Name, if set] to the current title and the meta title and make all other fields including custom fields easily readable for bots, maybe even the stats (“Top replies” etc.).

From a user perspective, this could be a valuable page since it might contain a lot of useful infos about [Full Name].