Option to have external TOS open in a new page

Continuing the discussion from Exclude TOS from getting squashed by git pulls?:

So, we did this, and find that users who click on that TOS are essentially booted from the forum.

Even if it were on the discourse site, I’d rather have the TOS/Guidelines page open in a new window anyway

What do the powers behind Discourse think about having those open in new windows at all times?

I’m pretty sure this is available, right here:

If we’re talking about the items in the hamburger menu, those don’t open in a new window, despite the setting for default external links in new tab

In this image, the FAQ link goes to our Zendesk site, and does not open a new window.

You’re logged in - what’s your personal setting for external ilnks in new tab? How about a new account?

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My setting is to open in new windows.

Same on a new user.

did anyone find a solution or workaround for this. When I click TOS or Privacy policy it opens my website page replacing the forum in the current browser window rather than opening a new tab.

You would need a theme component to make that work, there is no built in way.