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When I installed Discourse I chose not to index the topics in google.

Now I changed my mind, I would like everything to be indexed by google.

In which part of discourse do I activate this option ?

I’m sorry, I’m new to discourse, I’m just starting to learn a little more about it.


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Does your instance require a login?



Linked to my main site via wordpress plugin.

All members have access to the forum.


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If your instance is private it can’t be crawled by search engines. Google will only crawl topics which are visible to anonymous users.


Where do I activate this option.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I’m just going through the settings.

Trying to understand more.

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Try open settings and search allow index in robots txt.

You can make indexing a little bit faster if you are using Google Webmaster Tool (or what ever it’s name is nowadays).

Reading of your forum must be allowed to anonyms without logging in or TL-limits, though.

Check if login_required is enabled.

It needs to be disabled for your site to be crawled.


Ok, thanks!

I just finished the configuration.

Happy 2023 to all!

:smiley: :

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