Option to remove filtered replies

I’m getting a bit annoyed of them, I like to see other posts around a reply to an above post, but I see how they can be useful to some people, so I think an option to have them on and off would be nice.


Do you mean here or somewhere else? I believe this is a site setting.

I had originally made a request on the site for this to have an option to be disabled, however was told that this is on discourse’ end.

When the site setting is enabled there is now way to stop replies from not collapsing when filtered. It depends how you feel about it. For me, the fact that replies collapse when filtered is good as you can clearly see where and what the reply is. However, I understand that this isn’t going to be liked by everyone. Perhaps a little checkbox in preferences > interface that says

Disable filtered replies

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This is definitely not going to be a default-on feature. I believe it is on here only for testing correct @sam?