Option to rename "with Google" login button text (and icon)

Could we please get a setting to rename the text (and icon) of the “with Google” login button. It’s just Oauth2 and even though uses Google specs, the login service often has nothing to do with Google. For example, our users login via an institutional login, and they are all used to that … but right now our users are confused about the login because they think the “with Google” button means “login with your gmail.com account”.

Or can it be overridden with a custom html/css/js theme component?

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It’s possible to customize the text from (admin > customize > text) — searching for “with google” should pull up what you need to edit

The logo on the button can be hidden with CSS added to a theme (admin > customize > themes):

.btn-social.google_oauth2 .d-icon {
  display: none;

Fair warning though, there is some history of Google checking for compliance with their specs and sending warning emails to admins… something as minor as using the wrong color has caught their attention before: Not compliant with google signin branding requirements


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