Not compliant with google signin branding requirements

Setting up OAUTH for google, and they have advised that they cannot allow the request because the sign in image is not compliant with their branding requirements:

The Google sign-in button on your project’s homepage URL is not compliant with the Google sign-in branding guidelines. Please update the Google sign-in button on your website according to Google sign-in branding guidelines.

Thank you for your patience. Please reply back to this email after your project is in compliance with the requirements above.

Branding Guidelines  |  Google Identity Platform

Looks like the signin image on the sign up page isn’t up to date:


Can I update the image manually or does this need to be raised as a bug?


Hi Ben, thanks for the notice, we will have to modify the fontawesome icon that we currently use following the specifications indicated by Google Sign-In Branding Guidelines  |  Google Identity Platform  |  Google Developers.


If I’m reading it right, it also needs to say “signin with Google” rather than just “with Google”.

Thanks though! Look forward to the change.

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Looks like we can change the text:

To encourage users to click the button, we recommend the call-to-action text “Sign in with Google” or “Sign up with Google”. It should be clear to the user that they are signing in to your app or signing up for your app with their Google credentials, not signing up or registering for a Google account on your app.

However, we do need to use the colored Google icon (on a white background), not the white Font Awesome icon:

Regardless of the text, you can’t change the size or color of the Google “G” logo. It must be the standard color version and appear on a white background. If you need to create your own custom size Google logo, start with any of the logo sizes included in the download bundle.


I suspect you got an overzealous enforcement agent in this case, or else the policy must have changed very recently. Because this is the first we’ve ever heard of it in years of things working just fine.

Multicolor is impossible with fonts (mostly — there are technical ways it can work in some rare cases, but this is highly dependent on the operating system) so this will take quite some time to work out.


I think google are in ultra paranoid mode after the Google+ nightmare they’ve been having.

You won’t believe the hoops we are having to jump through to get this approved, they even wanted a video of the signup process uploaded to youtube.


Can other people who are trying to enable Google sign in let us know here if there is a pattern?

We really need to figure out if this is “Google have gone nuts due to Google+ debacle” vs @dobbo was unlucky (which would be a first time in 5 years)

By knowing there is a pattern here of new enforcement we can decide how to prioritise this.

Ben, short term I would recommend you get a theme component going that swaps this out, and post it here in the #theme category.


I think this checks most of the boxes for being acceptable by their standards. It doesn’t fit their padding specifications, but I wonder if the padding might be somewhat flexible under the “Matching your own app’s style” wiggle room they talk about. If you think this looks good, I can post the theme component for it.


I’m very new to this so theme components are something I hadn’t looked at. I wrote some javascript to dynamically replace the button with a “correctly” formatted button but neglected to check how the page is rendered in the first place, so this doesn’t work. Yay me!

@tshenry would be happy to try with the theme component you made to see if google accept it!


Ok, I’ll try to get it online shortly. We can adjust it accordingly if Google continues to give you grief.


I’ve gotten the same e-mail today on my self-hosted forum.

I use Facebook, GitHub, Twitter, and Google logins. Today I received the “Action needed” e-mail telling me to be sure the sign-in button is compliant with the branding guidelines, and to reply to the e-mail when it is.

Is there something I can do locally, or is it best to wait for an update?

Edit: Sorry, missed @tshenry’s link. If anybody else missed it because they scroll too fast :slight_smile: here it is:

I’ve added it to my default theme and hopefully it’s fine.


I think that instead of “hoping” it’s OK, it would be nice to know that it is OK.

Does anyone know if there’s a way to get an official approval, or is this a “we’ll let you know if there’s a problem” only thing?

Google approved us thanks to @tshenry ‘s component, so anyone in a fix should deploy that! Thanks so much @tshenry for sorting that out you are a legend


I haven’t heard back from mine yet. Will post an update when I do.

Update: They approved it. Thanks @tshenry !

But I have another Discourse install that’s been running for a few years with Google login and it’s never been an issue. Perhaps this is only for new installs? They would have reviewed my older forum years ago, but my latest one is brand new from a couple of weeks ago.


Trying to set this up, Google is requiring a “review”. The review then complains that the sign-in button is “not compliant with the Google sign-in branding guidelines. Please update the Google sign-in button on your website according to Google sign-in branding guidelines.”

In typical Google manner, they don’t explain what exactly the issue is - I think it’s the “wrong” Google logo.

Is this known? Easily fixed?

Thanks for the report! Yes we have received a few reports about this over the last week. See: Not compliant with google signin branding requirements.

A quick fix would be to install the Compliant Google Login Button theme component. Based on the frequency of reports about this, it looks like we’ll have to come up with a permanent fix that doesn’t rely on a theme component.


Yes, I have escalated this internally so we’ll get it fixed in this release.


@awesomerobot fixed it yesterday.


It seems that this problem still persists.

I got the same email from Google as @dobbo when applying for their OAuth service.

Current unacceptable version:

What google is expecting:

This component no longer exists: Compliant Google Login Button

Can we fix this bug anytime soon?

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Did they give you any more specific information? It seems like the problem might be that we say “with Google” instead of “Sign in with Google”? We can update these for all Discourse sites, but in the meantime you can also add the text right away in your admin settings:

  1. go to admin > customize > text
  2. search for js.login.google_oauth2.title
  3. update the text to “Sign in with Google”

Since that text is longer, you’d also want to add some custom CSS to adjust spacing… (under admin > customize > themes)

.login-modal #login-buttons:not(.hidden), 
.create-account #login-buttons:not(.hidden) {
  min-width: 180px;